Sunday, January 5, 2014

{Custom Antique Farmhouse Vanity}

 My client originally contacted me with this little vanity in mind as a Christmas present for his wife and he found it hiding in a little antique store just in time. So she was given a fresh coat of paint(or four) and some updated hardware to match! 



I forgot to take pictures of the entire process because it needed to be finished and delivered before Christmas! But isn't she pretty?! The vanity chair also went with her and they are paired beautifully!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Here she is! Finally finished and ready for her new home! The mirror is so beautiful and adds so much beauty to this little gal. She has been sitting in my house now for awhile without it...and they truly are made for each other. The mirror has a lovely antique patina and is lightly "ghosted" and shows small scratches. So shabby chic! I love it! :) Real antique glass knobs adorn the two smaller drawers, and original over-sized wooden knobs the bottom drawer. Her original castors have been polished and cleaned. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

{Country Chalkboard}
I have been searching for a way to make a giant chalkboard that wouldn't drain my bank account for some time now! And it turns out all I needed was a headboard! :) We recently made a loft bed/bunkbed for our boys and I had two of these boards from a captains bed now stored in the garage. I think it turned out lovely!

Paint - Rustoleum Chalkboard paint
Technique - Frame(dry brush)
Hardware - Vintage wooded drawer pulls, twine, miniature clothes pins

Saturday, August 24, 2013

{Painted Piano}
For quite some time now I have been wanting a piano. A REAL piano! One that had history and needed to be refinished in some way(because I always love a challenge). So one weekend as we conducted our 4th garage sale in a row, we heard of a free piano sitting curb-side just a couple blocks away at yet another garage sale! Without hesitation I was there! It was UGLY! So ugly! An old player piano without the player. But it sounded beautiful! So my husband loaded it onto our tiny trailer, hauled it 2 blocks, and pushed it into the garage. Where it sat...for months. I knew it had to be a creamy white, and all the brass needed to be brought back to life! The keys are real ivory(and some are missing)but it just adds to the details! I had it inspected before beginning ANYTHING to make sure the soundboard was intact. At the inspection I learned it is 90+ years old, and the sharps are now rounded from many, many years of use! Some time in it's lifetime there was also very expensive work done to the sound board to make it sound even better(and it does sound like a dream even out of tune)! :)  So here are some before and after photos. I will follow up with the time consuming, life consuming, body aching laborsome work it took to bring this beautiful piano back to life!
{Before}              {After}


Friday, June 14, 2013

{Patchwork Slipcovered Settee}
This lovely little lady works perfectly in my dinning room! But her appeal was only in her structure alone. The fabric wasn't torn...or stained...just old and all wrong! I had so many scraps of fabric that I have collected over the years so I decided to make a slipcover for this little loveseat.

From start to finish it took about 2 days to complete! The cover is fitted just to this loveseat and the detail work is really what took the most time. :) She adds so much color and fun to our dining room now!

Friday, April 26, 2013

{Writing Desk}
Yet another wonderful find curbside! This little desk was less than appealing but if you can see past all the peeling veneer and old hardware...she's so beautiful! Needless to say she has been sitting in my garage for...6 months now. :( Poor thing! So I finally got around to sanding, peeling off old veneer, and painting this little gal!



{In Progress}
I painted the whole dresser in a creamy chalk paint first. The drawers were done in "thunderbird" by Ben Moore.

New drawer pulls.
Paint - Benjamin Moore paint in Thunderbird, paint in Heavy Cream Rustoleum's Chalkboard paint in black.
Finish - Distressed just right.
Hardware - Ceramic floral print and Matte Black flowers with antique gold accents.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Dining Room Table}

I found our lovely dinning room table for $40. Can you believe it?! And it is perfectly aged which I love! The only problem was that the original owners had lost both leaves through several moves. I was bummed! So as I scoured craigslist(it may be my daily routine) I happened upon...THE SAME TABLE...WITH BOTH LEAVES! So a couple months later I had found the leaves! (Words elude me). So I buy the second table for $45 dollars. Then we try the leaves on. The colors don't match(which wasn't a problem since I was going to refinish them anyway), and the sides underneath are about 1 inch too short on both sides. So sad! Then my husband to the rescue! He was able to move both sides out to match our dinning table. :) I just love him so much!

Leaves taken apart.


Both leaves pushed together to make sure they lined up properly.


LOVE those curves!